What happened to day four?

20 11 2008

Sorry folks, but today’s entry was made private. I had something happen today (nobody assaulted me nor did I lose any family members, pets or property…nobody’s sick either, just so you know) that’s just too raw to share right now. I’ll label it a call to further action and leave it at that.

Someday, maybe one day soon it’ll be public, but for now, just know that I’ve completed 517 words today. I hope I won’t have too many more of these. If I do, it will defeat the purpose of the blog.

I do wonder what kinds of feelings all this writing is conjuring up in you all. Have you been enraged, saddened, embarrassed by some of the things your writing practice has dredged up? Yeah, writing will do that. Still, you have to admit it’s awfully cathartic.






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