Day Seven: Playing Hooky

23 11 2008

My Line Sister LaQuita and I have a standing appointment to go out and do something every Saturday. Whatever the activity, it has to be affordable and it has to force us out of the house if only for a couple of hours. That said, that’s pretty much my excuse as to why I didn’t post yesterday. It’s not like I couldn’t have set aside 30 minutes to write something really quickly. I could have. But my day got away from me quick, fast and in a hurry. What’s really sad is we didn’t get out and about until after two, so I had plenty of time to write something. I know I never have anything pressing to do before twelve o’clock. That’s the reason why I set the noon deadline in the first place. So, now I know for sure that I’ve got to do a better job of sticking with the guidelines. I know me, you know. But for now, I’ll extend a little forgiveness my way. I’ve been at this for a week and the habit hasn’t made itself at home in quite yet.

Forgiveness? Check! Now, back to my weekend excursions.

The week before last, Quita and I went to the XU Club 5 meeting that took forever and a day to get to because Suzie, my GPS, sent us down all these crazy streets and so-called short cuts instead of routing us to New York Avenue to Florida and some other state street that would’ve taken us directly to the library where the meeting was being held. This week, we went out to Arundel Mills to have lunch and see the Samuel L. Jackson-Bernie Mac flick Soul Men.

While I don’t know if I’ll ever venture to Arundel Mills until after the holiday shopping season is over, say in March 2009, because it was so crunk, we still had a good time. I had a ridiculously large fajita chicken salad that I picked at (what can I say, I don’t like a lot of fat or connective tissue and junk in my chicken and it takes work to eat around those things) and Quita put a significant dent in the burrito platter that she said kept her full until about ten that night. During our meal, we talked about what’s going on in the lives of our fellow Xavier alums—well, Quita talked and I mostly listened. I don’t know where I was during those four years, but half the people my friends from XU talk about I can barely remember, if at all. I guess if I didn’t see you on a half-way regular basis in a class or in the Herald office, you gets no love from my memory bank. And I finally got to hear how she and her fiancé Hank got together, which was funny in that ‘one-day-you-looked-one-way-and-the-next-you-looked-thatway’ kind of way that some hook up stories are funny.

After lunch, we walked around the mall a bit and tried my best to not buy a bunch of scarves and blue and purple versions of a shirt I already have hanging in my closet. I’m a baller on a budget and every dime of my money needs to go toward networking, marketing and bills. I did a pretty good job until we stopped in The Icing after the show and I bought an orange knit cap and some Elasta QP mango butter from this beauty supply store. Twenty-three dollars isn’t bad compared to the $70 I probably would’ve spent if left to my gainfully employed devices a few months back. The best part of the whole day was this Dubble Bubble kiosk outside Chevy’s that had my favorite original Pepto Bismol-flavored Dubble Bubble gum balls. I may have bought six of those before we left. Each of them was rock hard, but delicious.

OK, I gotta get back to this alumni magazine and my Sunday morning slow jams set before the Redskins/Seahawks game.





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