This Week’s Peanut Update

30 11 2008

In all the excitement of the week, I almost forgot the Peanut Update.

Miss Youdis, as Jackleen calls her, spent Thanksgiving with me at my friend Allissa’s mom’s house. Allissa and her fiance B brought their dogs Buddha and Bison with them. My little kid did just fine, but I think she was excited because Miss Pamela had so much space in her house, plus she had “outside”, i.e. a backyard, and Peanut wouldn’t have to walk around on a leash.

Still, being a visitor didn’t keep the meanie from treating somebody else’s house as her own. She invaded the second floor and tried to jump down from the balcony and into my arms. She also refused to come downstairs on her own (by means of walking down the stairs instead of jumping and breaking her neck), yowled all the way through dinner, and tried to hide a piece of muffin behind one of Miss Pamela’s chairs in the living room.

Buddha tried to hit her once and Bison’s quick and meaty jab connected, which lead to her snarling at him and ultimately leaving the boys alone. She did pretty well, mostly because she was around boys. Lord knows, she can’t stand other girl doggies. Messy thing.




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