Why I Write

The Writer’s Challenge blog is my small way of becoming more comfortable with my writing and to hopefully, help others become more comfortable with their own writing. Having had an interest in creating a blog and stewing over what I would write about, I didn’t want to get into the perfectionistic mindset I often find myself in of not moving forward on projects until things are just right. As one of my managers once told me, “Sometimes things need to be perfect and sometimes things just need to get done. You have to learn the difference.”

I may not be launching the Writer’s Challenge at the perfect moment, the 17th of November no less, but it has to be done. And I realize that writing practice may not be important to a wide audience, but it’s important to me and it may be important to some of you, too.The moment may not be perfect, and the topic may not be of help to anyone but myself, but that’s cool. I simply hope to someday free myself from the fear of crappy first drafts and to teach myself enough discipline to plan my writing and stick with it even when it gets tough.


One response

18 11 2008
Allissa Hosten

Sounds like a fantastic goal to me!

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